Colleen Henderson

When Colleen attended her first Folk Festival more than a decade ago and saw her first Workshop stage, she was hooked. The music was incredible and the process of creating something out of chaos was a metaphor for her life.

After graduating from Carleton’s Journalism school, Colleen largely avoided working with two world trips which she funded with telemarketing jobs. Once home, Colleen worked in publishing – sales, management, and editorial – until she finally left to do presentation and story consulting full time. Today she is co-founder and President of Perfect Pitch Consulting Group, her own version of a workshop stage that holds all of the eclectic experiences she’s had so far.

A Canmore resident since 2009, Colleen runs up big hills – and sometimes makes it, is learning to skate ski and chauffeurs her amazing boys around the Bow Valley. In her quiet moments, she plays piano very badly or tackles another chapter of her first book.