Hijinx Family Area

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hi Jinx Family Area  

Hijinx and the CFMF are proud to bring back our amazing family area! Read on to learn all about what we have to offer in 2018 !!!

Alberta Parks 

Alberta Parks has a crew of enthusiastic and talented park interpreters who bring nature to life with music, drama and dance each summer. Action, entertainment and natural history information blend in these often wacky but always informative shows complete with costumes, audience participation and clever stories that intrigue and educate audiences both young and old.   Join them Sunday from 12-12:45 pm on the Hi Jinx Family Stage. Come early to be selected to be part of the show.  Let the fun begin! 


Green Fools 

Perennial favourites at the Canmore Folk Music Festival, Calgary’s Green Fools are a tribe of stilt-walking clowns who stroll the site like the proverbial Pied Piper, trailing excited young fans wherever they go. From their graceful depictions of birds and faeries to their unexpected ambushes with hidden water pistols, the Green Fools will charm you, surprise you, and delight you with their antics. Bringing smiles to kids and adults alike since 1991. 


Climbing Wall 

Turn your kids loose on a seven-metre-high, three-dimensional wall that mimics real rock for an unparalleled climbing experience within view of the very mountains on which it is modelled. There’s no need to fear for your safety as they climb; the ORA portable climbing wall system comes complete with safety harnesses to ensure security as kids climb under controlled conditions, guided by experienced personnel. 


Clowning Around with Michelle and Peter (aka  PROFESSORS BOUQUIN and BOFFIN) 

Michelle & Peter have been clowning around for 10 years. They are back at the festival conducting juggling workshops and generally clowning around in the Family Area.  Join them and learn to amuse yourself while you improve your coordination and balance, all to the beat of some amazing music. 


Craft tent 

Join our Festival Crew in the Craft Tent for some fun activities including masks and rhythm shakers.  Help get your kid’s creative juices flowing with a visit. 


Paint Bike 

Generously on loan from Canmore’s ArtsPlace, the Paint bike is the coolest new gadget in the Family Area this year.  Fun for all ages, one of you rides while the other creates! Not-to-be-missed at this year’s festival. 



Dee-Dee’s Face Painting 

Dee-Dee has been a professional face and body artist for 8 years. Dee-Dee uses only FDA compliant face paint, cosmetic glitter and always adheres to the Alberta Health Regulations. Her many hours of practice and one on one training with professional face painters from all over the world has made her not only a fast and efficient painter, but a true artist. She makes fantasy become reality for the children, and their smiles will make everyone’s heart melt. Please, if you see a beautiful butterfly, a courageous Batman, or a sweet puppy wandering around the festival grounds, make sure you mention their face paint; maybe you will be treated to one of those smiles! 



Tessa Mendoza discovered the fun and fitness benefits of modern hoopdance over 5 years ago and she has been sharing her love of hoops with the Banff/Canmore community ever since.  You may see her teaching impromptu hoop lessons in the parks or at local artisan/farmers’ markets where she sells her hand crafted clothing designs and hoops.  Her workshop will reveal the secret to keeping that hoop turning on your waist.  If you’ve always wanted to learn, you should come join the fun (great for kids aged 5-95)!  In the festival field. 



Live Shows on the Family Stage 


Mandi and The Bogbeans 


Mandi and The Bogbeans combine storytelling, silliness, guitar, violin, percussion, and audience participation to serve up a healthy serving of family fun.  

Mandi Kujawa is a storyteller, author, and musician who is very excited to team up once again with The Bogbeans for this year’s festival.  Eamonn Reil has played the Bodhran (Irish drum) for over 17 years and his wife Jane Russell began playing violin when she was 5 years old.  Classically trained, Jane has also always found ways to dive into all things folk.  Come check them out Sunday, 1:15-2:00 pm and Monday, 12:00 -12:45 pm.  Stick around afterwards for the instrument “petting zoo”, held after both sessions. 


Instrument “Petting Zoo” 


Whether you’re 2 or 92, “the zoo” enables you to explore a variety of folk instruments in a hands-on way with Mandi, Eamonn and Jane from Mandi and the Bogbeans as your hosts.  Try your hand at playing fiddle, guitar, bodhran, accordion and banjo.  Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be on the stage too.  


Grizzly Bear Shakedown 


Grizzly Bear Shakedown is the collaboration of local musicians Andrew Cotter and Andrei Dandridge-Evancio. Highly entertaining, fun and energetic, the duo’s blend of memorable melodies and theatrics will whisk families away on a musical adventure. Be sure to bring your dancing feet!   


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