Dancing, Just Like The Bear

Monday, March 6, 2023

Saturday and Sunday evening the last act is meant to get you up and shaking your tail feathers or “Bear Butt”. Here are the “Bear Necessities” so you know what’s up!  

If you place your tarp in front of the designated line (within 30 feet from the stage) your tarp space is yours until the last act Saturday and Sunday  

At around 9:45 pm. Sat/Sun. (only) you will want to gather up your stuff and be ready to welcome your fellow folkie into the “D-zone”. Stay if you like or move off to the sides.  

People behind the “D-zone” will be able to leave their tarps down, but we hope you’ll be up shakin’ too.  

Dancing any other time is in the designated dancing areas.  

Watch out for each other and be nice. Bear hugs are optional.  

FOLK MUSIC IS FOR THE FOLKS ~ “Enjoyed Sitting And Dancing” 

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