For the Love of Music: Roosters Acoustics Does it All

Friday, July 22, 2022

Roosters Acoustics is sponsoring this year’s Merch Tent at the Canmore Folk Music Festival. We are delighted to partner with a local business that shares our passion for music, creativity, and community. Roosters Acoustics is a music shop on Canmore’s Main Street that sells and rents acoustic and electric guitars. They also sell other instruments like ukuleles and harmonicas and accessories for the various instruments that they stock. On top of that, they rent their instruments and provide lessons to budding musicians in town. Finally, they’ve got a little recording studio in-house that artists are welcome to rent out. 

At the root of it all, the Roosters team strives to share the multi-faceted music experience with locals and visitors alike. We caught up with Joel, owner of Roosters, to learn more about what they’re up to! 

Joel told us that he bought the shop, formerly Harvest Moon, about a year ago. “I see Canmore as a really creative space. There is lots of inspiration coming from the mountains and lakes and the environment that surrounds the area. It’s the perfect place for music, creativity, songwriting, and everything related to that,” Joel reflected.

“The vision was to create a unique, boutique-style guitar store that features some beautiful and artistic instruments. We wanted to carry some products from the larger brands but also focus on the really unique, Canadian-built guitars.” He told us that well over half of their stock is made in Canada. The initial vision for the shop has completely come to life, plus some. In the shop, you will find a wide collection of stunning instruments, from shiny new electric guitars to vintage pieces you may have never seen before. 

Now, a year later, the shop is helping set folks up with the perfect guitar for them. “They get in there, and they play a guitar, and it will just win them over. Guitars are like puppies; they choose you. You don’t choose them,” said Joel. At Rooster, they really encourage patrons to get acquainted with the instruments. “When you get that tone you’ve been looking for, you hear it, and you just know you’re not going to find it anywhere else,” he said. 

From selling instruments and accessories to renting recording time and providing lessons, Roosters truly is a one-stop shop. 

Luckily for us folkies, Roosters will have a selection of their stock available to try and buy at the Festival! Their booth will be set up right in the Merch Tent, so you won’t be able to miss it. Give them a visit and, if you don’t get a chance during the Festival, check out the store itself. 

There will be a range of instruments to suit all types of experience levels and budgets. You need to see (and play) these beautiful instruments for yourself! 


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