Safety at the Canmore Folk Festival

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Canmore Folk Music Festival

Safety Info

The Canmore Folk Music Festival staff and volunteers have the safety and security of our festival patrons as a priority throughout the weekend. We continuously monitor the weather and all activities on site.

In the event of a major incident on the festival site, we have an Emergency Response Plan that will be enacted to safely address the incident, including an Evacuation Plan:



Permanent Evacuation: In the event of a permanent evacuation, all festival patrons, performers, volunteers must evacuate the festival site. For those who have no where to go, the school adjacent to the festival site will be opened as an Evacuation Centre. Please calmly proceed to this site.

Temporary Evacuation: If inclement weather causes a temporary evacuation (eg. hail, lightening, wind storm), calmly proceed to the school adjacent to the festival site, to your vehicle, or to the muster point in the parking lot of the Miners’ Union Hall. Please adhere to all announcements to know when it is safe to return to the festival site.

If you have any questions during the festival, please come to the Information Booth to speak to one of our volunteers.

As a patron, if you see an issue please don’t hesitate to call 587-222-8808



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