Steve and Coco’s Secret Fort – November 17th 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Join Steve Poltz and Coco Love Alcorn on November 17th, 2020 @ 7pm MT  (6pm west coast, 9pm Toronto) for a special night of music, laughs and forts.

Hang on to your hats folks because this is a show you don’t want to miss. Lots of spontaneity, gaiety, schmayety, and laughter. Join these two artists via Zoom for stories, songs, and hijinks. Fun for the whole family


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Steve Poltz

Scanning through acres of online reviews of singer/songwriter Steve Poltz, one repeatedly encounters words and phrases not usually associated with folk singers: “Unhinged genius.” “Really not normal.” “Frenzied, aggressive, hilarious and heartbreakingly sincere.”It’s all of the above. Born in Halifax and transplanted to California at a tender age, he combines an astonishingly talented fingerpicking and an indescribable imagination with the goofy sweetness of Owen Wilson and the darkly comedic songwriting skills of Warren Zevon. A founding member of the semi-legendary indie-rock band The Rugburns, he tours up to 250 days a year – which seems extraordinary, until you see him on stage and realize … the dude just can’t sit still. He’s collaborated with the likes of Danny Michel and Joel Plaskett, the latter resulting in the album Dreamhouse, critically acclaimed around the world and singled out by some critics as the 2010 Album of the Year. He’s perhaps best known for his work with singer Jewel, particularly the 1996 single You Were Meant for Me, which reached Billboard’s number 2 in the US. His music has appeared on movie soundtracks, including Notting Hill. One of his most recent projects was the soundtrack for the acclaimed Sundance-screened documentary Running Wild – The Life of Dayton O. Hyde, a cowboy, conservationist and award-winning writer who is preserving America’s natural resources one wild mustang at a time.

Coco Love Alcorn

“Coco is the ultimate musical spark plug… an electrical connector through which the creative energy flows. In my 30 years of touring around the world, I have never seen another performer able to bring people together like Coco does.” ~ James Keelaghan – Artist Director, Summerfolk and renowned Canadian singer/ songwriter

The first thing you notice about Coco Love Alcorn is the voice. It’s a rich, dynamic, supremely soulful instrument – hailed by the press as extraordinary, beautiful, and stunning – that has a way of touching your heart and making you care.

As a performer, Alcorn is always in the moment, joyful, and genuine. She combines diverse musical influences including jazz, R&B, pop, folk, and Gospel. Her playful and witty character, love of improvising, and willingness to engage fearlessly with the audience has made Alcorn an established presence on the Canadian music scene.

Born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and now based in Owen Sound, Ontario, Alcorn’s career has spanned more than 20 years, 12 (9 solo) albums, cross-Canada tours, collaborations, festival appearances, award nominations, and notable success in TV and film licensing. And it took someone with a spirit like Alcorn to navigate this path.




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